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Look Out! Here Comes Another Birthday! Funny card to send to someone celebrating their 52nd birthday.

52nd Birthday - Penguin Surprise Card from Zazzle.com_1250230324422


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While the pun will likely make your average 13-year old’s eyes roll, it’s a bright, humorous design that I think bridges the gap between “little kid” and “adult” quite well. Best of all, the artist has cards for every age 1-100.

bd cow - 13 card from Zazzle.com_1246342174658

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I admit, I like cows. I also like motor scooters like Vespa (gotta embrace the cool Italian design aesthetic, you know). Combine the two and you’ve got a winner in my book! The inner verse reads; “Hope You’re Not ‘Two Tired’ to Celebrate!” which made me LOL.

bd scooter cow - 10 card from Zazzle.com_1246083172627

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Age specific birthday cards aren’t easy to find in stores unless it’s a milestone birthday. However, on-line shops have unlimited space. This funny “penguin surprise” card (inner text: LOOK OUT! Here Comes Another Birthday!) comes in all ages from 1 – 100. For convenience, I’ve linked the picture to the page where you’ll find the full selection of these cards

35th Birthday - Penguin Surprise Card from Zazzle.com_1243580952648

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