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The colors on this birthday card are so fresh, and the little blue bird is so cute, I think this would be perfect to send to anybody, young or old.

Blue Birdie Greeting Card (customizable at Zazzle)


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It doesn’t matter where you live – all dads speak the same language! This card (one of a series) could be sent for Father’s Day, but also for a birthday or other occasion.

Dadism - For Any Father Card from Zazzle.com_1243668611789

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Age specific birthday cards aren’t easy to find in stores unless it’s a milestone birthday. However, on-line shops have unlimited space. This funny “penguin surprise” card (inner text: LOOK OUT! Here Comes Another Birthday!) comes in all ages from 1 – 100. For convenience, I’ve linked the picture to the page where you’ll find the full selection of these cards

35th Birthday - Penguin Surprise Card from Zazzle.com_1243580952648

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Not only cute as a button (those flower wheels on the pram are so sweet!) but this postcard can be personalized with your own text, and there’s matching postage!

Pink Baby Girl & Pram Baby Shower Invitation Card Postcard from Zazzle.com_1243489693543

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Here’s a card any father would appreciate!

getoffmylawn.ai card from Zazzle.com_1243424385864

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With so many thousands of greeting cards available to buy on-line from stores like those at  Zazzle and Greeting Card Universe, it can be hard wading through the good, the indifferent and the downright bad to find the one card that speaks to you. Who has time to browse? Well, I do!

Once a week (more or less), I’ll post an image and a link to a greeting card I’ve found while surfing the web that I think is pretty special. These will be real paper greeting cards (not virtual e-cards) that you can buy and send to friends and family for holidays, birthdays, weddings, and lots of other special occasions.

Stay tuned!

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